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A quick testimony of God working in my life.
January 22, 2014, 8:30 am
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This is not deep exposition of the depths of scripture today, folks. This is a little testimonial of something God did in my life yesterday.

Before I start my day calling pastors, I try to spend some time in prayer and reading scripture. I pray, ask God for some meetings, to bless my efforts, and start calling. I’ll admit that I don’t always ask for a specific number. Maybe I’m afraid God can’t, or won’t give me that many meetings, but, for one reason another, I often lack the faith to ask God to give me a specific number of meetings.

But, as I went about getting ready to leave for the church this morning, I thought that I would ask the Lord for 5 meetings. 5 meetings is an incredible day, and doesn’t happen too often, but I thought I’d take a step out and ask for 5 meetings. Worst case scenario, I get 0 meetings, and God’s still as good as if I got 50 meetings! God’s goodness and character is not dependent on how many meetings I schedule in a day or how much support I have coming in. God is good. End of story.

But I prayed, asked for 5 meetings, and got to calling. It started very slow, and I had no meetings scheduled by 1pm. I started at 9, and 4 hours had yielded nothing palpable. But I kept on calling, kept on trying to schedule meetings and plant as much seed, so to speak, as possible.

Then the first meeting came. I called and asked the pastor for a meeting, and his literal words were, “well, that sounds like a good idea.” We agreed on a date, and I was out of the blocks and running. Then another came in. Two down, less than an hour apart. Things were looking good.

I kept calling, and while I’m not one to often leave a voicemail, I had left a pastor one, and he called me back. Maybe I should leave more messages, seeing as he scheduled me for meeting number three on the day. Number four was scheduled because another pastor had recommended I call his friend, and I was in with a chance on a five meeting day.

Then I hit a dry spell. I kept calling and calling, but to avail. I just couldn’t seem to seal the deal. Try as I might, I never found number five.

I drove home, feeling pretty pleased with the day; four meeting is nothing to sneeze at by any means.  I ate dinner, spent some time with Hannah. It was after 10pm, so I figured I hit the showers, having given up on reaching 5 meetings in one day. While I was in the shower, however, my phone rang.

Now, I’m not the greatest with social skills, but even I know that calls after 10pm are generally reserved for the most important and pressing matters in life, especially on a Tuesday night. I peeked out to see who it was, and it was a pastor, returning a voicemail. He was in central time, where it was only 9pm.

I got dressed as fast as I could, and answered the phone, still soaking wet.

Well, long story short, God gave me five meetings. I just had to end my shower early to get there.

So, you can sign me up for the list of people who, though I might not have had the most faith, asked God to work, and got to see Him work.

It was pretty neat to see God answer my prayer, and give me five meetings in a day. Especially when it wasn’t in the most orthodox way. Is this major theology, or a building block for our theology? Of course not. I just wanted to testify of how God answered my prayer yesterday.

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