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Obeying the Word in Exodus 5- Part 1
February 1, 2014, 4:42 pm
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1-Obedience to God’s Word will almost certainly cause division and adversity. 

All Moses, Aaron and the Israelites wanted to do was go and worship God, thereby being obedient to His command. At first, just Pharaoh and the Egyptians are the only ones adverse to Moses and Aaron, but by the end of the chapter, even the officers of Israel are accusing Moses. 

Keep in mind that Moses was simply obedient to the Lord’s word. The idea to ask for freedom to go worship was not Moses’ idea; it was a God generated command. So for Moses to go before Pharaoh was the correct thing to do! But sometimes, obedience to God’s word can cause us to go against the status quo, and can complicate things for us.

Now, I’ve never had to stand before Pharaoh and ask to let an entire nation be set free, so I can’t really imagine what that would be like. I have, however, on more than one occasion, stood before a boss, or manager and had to let them  know that I don’t work Sundays or during midweek service. Missing baseball games on Wednesday nights was note exactly the best way to maintain my spot in the starting lineup as a teenager, either. Were there times that I was either denied a job, or scheduled less hours because of it? Yes. More than once. And while this is a VERY small sacrifice to make, obedience to the Lord, from the smallest things (job schedules) to the biggest things (asking for a nation to be set free) can cause some hardships. 

Had Moses just kept things the way they were, not bothered the status quo, and kept on making bricks, worshipping God when he had the chance, things probably would have been a little easier then they were by the end of the chapter. The Egyptians would have kept gathering straw for the Israelites and everything would have stayed the course it had been on. But for that to happen, for comfort to be achieved, Moses would have had to directly disobey God’s word. 

Because Moses obeyed the Lord’s word, it moved them from comfort and coasting to a place where they were facing hardship, and as we will soon see, direct adversity. I’m not trying to rain on any parades, but the truth simply is that there will be times that obedience to the Lord causes us to step outside of our comfort zone! This is a reality all Christians must face. We will not be granted special and favorable treatment just because we are believers. If anything, it would be quite the opposite. 

For the Christians determined to follow the word of the Lord, we must accept the fact that adversity, division and discomfort are to be accepted. May we steel our nerves and be of stout heart, willing to conquer such trivial matters in order to remain obedient to the Word.

Next post coming soon.

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