Kyle Shreve- Missionary to Peru

After a 3 month break…
May 17, 2014, 2:29 pm
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I’d like to pretend that since my last blog post, I was off in the wilderness, meditating in a waterfall learning secret knowledge from our ancestors. In reality, I’ve just been really busy on deputation. Which is probably actually more profitable than getting pneumonia in a waterfall. Plus, you don’t need to go to such extremes to  learn ancient knowledge. You really just need to open your bible.

And that’s one thing that I have been reminded about over and over again on deputation: how important a daily devotion is! I know this is super basic stuff “read your bible every day,” but this is something the Lord has been working on in my life lately. Maybe it’s because it comes up in my deputation message over and over again, or because I’ve missed a day or two (and seen how much I don’t like it)

Right now, my ministry is deputation. I make phone calls, write prayer letters, and generally work on anything that will help us get to Peru. But, when is all said and done, none of that is more important than my personal walk with the Lord. Walking with the Lord, through daily bible reading and prayer is the foundation for everything else. There may be many big, impressive shiny results in a ministry, but without that personal walk with God, there will be a very nasty downfall one day.

That’s it. That’s what the Lord has been teaching me lately: how very important it is to walk with Him. So let’s walk with the Lord.

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