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Mark 3- Just the disciples
March 25, 2015, 8:00 am
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Ever since moving to Alpharetta, GA, and being part of the ministry of Austin Gardner, Mark 3:14 has been a verse that means quite a lot to me.

“And he ordained twelve, that they should be with him, and that he might send them forth to preach”

Not a verse I would expect many people to have memorized, but it is a very powerful verse. It shows us, really, that Jesus placed a high priority on spending time with these 12 men. Life on life discipleship. Now, by itself, it is a great example of how we should do ministry today. But consider all the other characters we meet, or come in contact with, in Mark 3-

1-The man with the withered hand


3-A great multitude

4-The 12 disciples

5-Jesus’ physical family and friends


Of all these people, only one group doesn’t do one of the following:

1-Fade off the scene and never be mentioned again

2-Actually plan to kill Jesus or blaspheme against Him

3-Call Him a crazy “beside Himself” person.

You may be shocked to find that it was the disciples who weren’t guilty of these things in Mark 3. I was. We all kind of know that the scribes and pharisees were never “good guys” and that much of the multitude was there for a healing, and never head from again. But I never realized that his own friends and family though Jesus was crazy (Mark 3:20-21).

That pretty much only leaves the twelve, from this chapter, as his only true, devoted follower. No surprises that these we re the men that Jesus chose to take over the world with! I think that there are  at least 2 major lessons to be learned here:

1-That our goal in ministry, be it as a church staff (pastor, missionary, asst. pastor, etc…) or non paid church staff (layman, volunteer staff, etc…) is not big numbers or attendance (but that is not always a bad thing). Instead, or primary focus should be on creating faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, who are faithful in their service to Him for life.

2-As disciples/servants of Jesus, we must remember that our obedience to Jesus is the highest priority in our life. The 12 who followed Jesus, even with the traitor Judas, were there before the multitude, pharisees and scribes, and there after people who called Jesus crazy, and only stuck around for physical healing.

May we be faithful disciples who create faithful disciples.

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